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File:IMG 3148 Giovan Pietro Lasagna, Monumento a Decimo Magno Ausonio - Milano, Scuole palatine - Foto G. Dall'Orto, 3-gen-2006.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Monument to Ausonius in Milan. '''Decimius Magnus Ausonius''' (; – c. 395) was a Latin literature|Roman poet and Roman education|teacher of classical rhetoric|rhetoric from Burdigala in Gallia Aquitania|Aquitaine, modern Bordeaux, France. For a time he was tutor to the future emperor Gratian, who afterwards bestowed the Roman consul|consulship on him. His best-known poems are ''Mosella'', a description of the river Moselle, and ''Ephemeris'', an account of a typical day in his life. His many other verses show his concern for his family, friends, teachers, and circle of well-to-do acquaintances and his delight in the technical handling of poetic meter|meter.
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